About Us

Isle Business Services is located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, and was established in the 1990’s as Isle Technical Services. At the time the business focused on programming for industrial automation machines, email, DNS and website hosting, and on designing and building network systems for small businesses. In 2005 Isle Technical Services incorporated and expanded it business solutions to included internet phones (VoIP), offsite/remote back-up, and server solutions. It is a Small Business IT Service Provider.

In 2017 Isle Technical Services Inc. once again expanded to become Isle Business Services. Isle Business Services still includes all of the services that Isle Technical Services is known for but now offers training programs, administrative support, policy development and general business support services. Now it is not only a Small Business IT Service Provider but also a Small Business Support Service Provider.

Our commitment is to our customers. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your business needs. We work closely with our customers to develop the best solution possible for them to accomplish their goals.

Some of our projects have included installing many VoIP phone systems, redesigning a network to ensure better access for all employees to secure documents, developing WHMIS training programs, office re-organization and business planning.